Agenda Conversation

This play presents conversations that occurred between gay men during the marriage postal plebiscite in 2017, exploring themes of starting a family and commitment. Written by MJ Wilson the play has been selected as part of the Melbourne Writer Theatre program from page to stage This includes dramaturgical mentoring from Dr Elizabeth Walley for the script development to be concluded in November 2021. 


Wednesday 17th November @ 7pm 2021


Writer: M J Wilson Dramaturg & Director: Elizabeth Walley 

Performers: James Wardlaw, Dallas Palmer, Ross Larkin 

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Meeting ID: 816 4119 5296 Passcode: 927388 

Our first in person workshop was held Saturday July 10th 2021 at Kensington Town Hall, Kensington with writer MJ Wilson, dramaturg Elizabeth Walley and actors. This included a first full reading of the script and an opportunity to gather insights to from it’s original draft in 2017. This workshop was an invaluable as we move to our first redraft.  


Initially the script was developed as part of the writers-in-residence program at Union Theatre in 2017. This play emerged from a series of workshops delivered by Michele Lee and coaching from Emile Collier, following a verbatim style and intends to create rapid, gun-fire dialogue, specifically written for professional actors.

Philanthropic & partnerships 

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