I am driven by passion and the real urgency that faces our generation. It is time to take action and change the way we live, use energy and treat our environment. The consequence of not doing this threatens the habitability of planet and is not being taken nearly seriously enough. Meanwhile we continue to blindly:

  • Overuse and mass-produce plastic and plastic bags
  • Dump rubbish in our local environments and the ocean
  • Use fossil fuels like coal
  • Resisting green energies & building new economies

The biggest challenges are the strangleholds imposed by corporations and governments, who incidentally have the most to lose. There is a cunning tactical employment by those who seek to remain generating huge profits and maintain their positions in office.

I’m interested in a local organisations and the small steps individual’s can take towards making change. There is an organisation called ScabDuty that promotes everyday community members, like myself, who see rubbish on the street to bin it. Scab Duty use the hashtag #seeitbiit, promoting the idea that when we see rubbish on the street, taking responsibility for it and bin it, then post it on social media.

Small steps can lead to bigger significant social change.