Contemporary Media works practice (#CMWP)

RMIT’s Contemporary media works practice explores emerging digital work practices facilitating remote working in global contexts. This includes knowledge and skill development in networked work practices across online communication and collaboration, distributed computing, portable devices, and digital production.

Semester 1 2016, Dr. Jenny Weight

Wall of salvation 3: flipped lecture

This podcast explores User Design, as part of the Flipped lecture for the Wall of salvation task, CWMP –  as part of my Master of Communication degree at RMIT. The lecture features DR Jenny Weight’s Interview with Jonathon Roper who is a leading online design professional with a focus on designing user friendly web content.

Vanity Fair 2: Social Photos

Laylah & bark art

#melbournenoir Black & white
confused land destruct


towards the light #melbournenoir #cmwp

melbnoir 1

race across the shadow #melbournenoir #cmwp

melb nior 2.jpg

Cross his path if you dare #melbournenoir #cmwp

melbourne nior 3 .jpg

Her heart is broken there #melbournenoir #cmwp

melbourne nior 4.jpg