My first #SeeItBinIt

My first #seeitbinit was in January 2016. I couldn’t stop thinking about the rubbish I had seen the area on my way to work. On my way home I decided to do something about it.

newport lakes map

When I started collecting the rubbish, it became clear that I might have bitten off a more than I could chew. I carried the bag a far as I could and placed the rubbish in a bin on Mason Street.


I was hoping someone might offer to help me; instead people seemed to be looking at me like I was a disgusting person for picking up other people’s rubbish.


I paid special attention to straws and smaller pieces of plastic. It took about five minutes to fill the plastic bag.


I’ll try to keep cleaning this area, specifically Johnston street in Newport.


I might seek some advise, because there appears to be whole bags of house hold garbage sitting on the side of the street, I want to do something about it.